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Chosen carefully

Most commonly used in clothing, cotton is a strong and soft fabric that has incredible versatility. The reason why it works so well as a lining for our products is that it offers durability whilst also being smooth and allowing for easy removal of cards.

In general, one of the big objections to cotton is that the plant is sprayed liberally with herbicides and pesticides. In that case of a 250gram t-shirt, it has been calculated that about 125 grams of agricultural poison is required. This has a profound human and environmental effect.

Another objection to cotton is it's considered a ‘thirsty’ plant. This is also a criticism often given to organic cotton. This picture, however isn’t entirely correct. The plant is actually a xerophyte, a plant that can limit their water needs. In many areas, extra irrigation is not required and the normal rainfall is enough to grow the cotton.

Global organic textile standard

What is GOTs Organic cotton?

All the cotton used in our products is GOTs certified organic cotton. The certification assures you that the fibres from which the fabrics are made were grown organically, without using insecticides or pesticides. In addition it is your assurance that the most ecological and socially responsible methods have been used throughout the entire production process. This means amongst (many) other things:

- no Genetically modified organisms

- no harmful chemicals

- no child labour

- no dyes or inks that have been classified as allergenic

Where is it made?

All of the cotton fabric that we use is made in Turkey. The Turkish cotton is of excellent quality (long fibers, strong and soft) and are transportable by truck to our supplier.

Cotton is grown in various regions in Turkey. Our supplier only uses so-called Aegean organic cotton, which is grown and processed in the region south-east of Izmir. They have built up a great working relationship with weaving and knitting companies there since 2005 all of which are all GOTS certified.