How it all started

Finding the right supplier is never an easy job, especially when you require a high level of innovation, detail and technical understanding.

As with many small brands, our search began by looking into some of our favourite accessory brands in the industry and hoping to find out where their products are manufactured. It’s not easy to track this information down and understandably brands can be quite protective. Through building relationships, countless phone calls and emails (and getting some lucky breaks) we found factory partners that encompass everything we are looking for. 

Istanbul, Turkey

Building a new relationship with a factory during a global pandemic probably wouldn’t be advised. However in early 2020, after our first zoom call with our product manager, and after seeing the incredible quality and attention to detail of the factory’s samples, the decision to start working together was an easy one. 

The factory, based in Istanbul is a family run workshop set up in 2000. Now employing 30 people and specialising in small leather goods, the factory works with several high-end brands.  

Working with new vegan materials like our signature apple leather can often be challenging, however the team have developed new tools and innovative solutions to deliver the same craftsmanship and detail you’d expect from some of the most premium accessories on the market.