Our Materials

A Journey of Understanding

Learning about materials and understanding their impacts has defined our direction as a brand. When we started Oliver Co. in 2018, the leather industry was under heavy criticism. Discovering the human, environmental and ethical concerns associated with its production, left us searching for a better alternative.

When looking into synthetic alternatives, they too posed environmental problems of their own. While they were considered better in terms of global warming and pollution, extracting large amounts of non-renewable fossil fuels for their production has significant effects.

We believe in the future of Bio-materials and

the circular economy

What are Bio-materials?

Biomaterials combine biology, technology and material science to create innovative new fabrics that deliver design and performance, whilst significantly reducing the environmental impact compared to current alternatives.

In the future bio-materials have the potential to create fully circular design chains and move us entirely away from fossil fuels. This could include fabricating materials using organisms such as algae, bacteria, mushrooms or yeast.

Our aim is to be at the forefront of this innovation