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We believe in making products differently.

Oliver Co is an independent studio and responsible maker with the single aim of creating beautiful everyday items that cause as little environmental impact as possible.

Founder and Creative Director, Matthew Oliver, spent years working and consulting as a product designer before discovering bio-materials and their potential to transform the industry. To be a part of this change, he knew he had to explore a gap he’d identified in a market lacking in desirability and build a brand that considers everything, from design to impact, and push towards a circular future.

So Matthew set about producing 50 wallets from a leather alternative made using apple waste, sold them to friends and family, and from there the company was born. Now based in Bermondsey, South London, Oliver Co is dedicated to connecting the latest in material technology with an endless obsession for detail. Circularity remains a central objective and continues to drive the business forward 

Ethics & Transparency

Sustainability is about going further than just the ingredients in a product. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure a high standard of ethics are maintained from production of the materials through to the product manufacturing.

 We want to be completely transparent with you. We’ve spent a lot of time finding the right suppliers and manufacturers and want to and share the stories of how our product came to be. We aim to trace back all of our products ingredients, so that you know exactly what you're buying into.

Fair Honest Pricing

We only sell online, bypassing middlemen and wholesale stores.

This allows us to invest in higher quality materials and better craftsmanship whilst still selling at a fair price.

A Circular Future

We are constantly assessing the market for new innovations, with the aim of transitioning away from the linear economy (make, use, dispose) and moving towards the circular economy.

Circular materials can either be up-cycled into new products or composted back into the earth after their useful life.