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Our B Corp Journey


A Business balancing profit and purpose...

Since starting Oliver Co. we have had our sights set on becoming a B Corp company. B Corporation Certified companies meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

In January 2021, we hired our first freelancer to help us achieve our goal. Having previously worked at Parley for the Oceans and being an active volunteer in Extinction Rebellion, Catarina has a fantastic knowledge and understanding of sustainability and the environmental crisis which we are facing.  Prior to working at Parley for the Oceans she studied ‘3D Design & Craft’ at University, where she quickly discovered her passion for protecting the environment, specialising in Sustainable Product Design.

Living and working from New York, and with the new normality of Zoom calls, we have been able to strategise together on how we can become the most sustainable and ethical company possible.

In the past few months we have been analysing our ethical and sustainable performance, and identifying where improvements are needed. To make the lasting changes required, we have developed resources to help our team work in alignment with Oliver Co.’s values, which include:


1. Virtual Office Stewardship

2. Guide on Reducing Carbon Emissions

3. Detailed Mission Statement, outlining our environmental and social commitments.

4. Employee Handbook

5. Code of Ethics


We are also working with our suppliers to make sure they are operating sustainably and ethically. To do this we have created a Self Assessment Questionnaire to be completed by our suppliers, which allows us to review their environmental and social performance, ensuring compliance with all local laws and regulations, as well as environmentally-friendly manufacturing, ethical labor, and fair wages. In addition to the Self Assessment Questionnaire, we have set Environmental Key Performance Indicator goals, allowing us to keep track of the goals throughout the year using the following metrics:


Energy Use

CO2 Production

Amount of Carbon Offset

Water Use

Waste Production

Waste that has been recycled

Diversity amongst our Suppliers


At Oliver Co. we believe that our business should be a force for good, so we donate a minimum of 2% of our revenue to support our community. More specifically, we will continue to work with The Felix Project who collect fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold and deliver it to charities and schools in London so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society.

To further reduce our environmental impact, we have also recently become Climate Neutral Certified, reducing our carbon emissions where we can and offsetting the carbon emissions that we produce as a company.


We look forward to sharing our B Corp journey over the coming months, building up to June when we are eligible to apply!