The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide 2023

The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide 2023

Our Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide 2023

We've handpicked some amazing finds from our favourite considered brands, all doing their part for a better world. This Christmas, we're excited to support businesses that align with our mission, helping us all make a lighter impact on the planet, without sacrificing design.


Home & Lifestyle

Toiro Kitchen & Supply

Shiro-Kushime Pot


A timeless ceramic clay pot for hot and cold dishes, made in the Japanese Iga-yaki pottery style.

This donabe is made by Nagatani-en, a leading producer of authentic Iga-yaki pottery since 1832.

Each one is made by hand with care and it takes about 2 weeks. This classic-style donabe is ideal for stewing or braising over a stove top or in the oven.

Material Kitchen

The reBoard


Colourful BPA-free cutting boards are made entirely of pulverized and repurposed kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane.

A 100% upcycled and renewable utlensil that adds a bit of joy to your kitchen.

A Good Company

Mobile Cable


A Good Company's aim is to create elegant, thoughtful and sustainable everyday products, and they have done just that. Our favoruite, the multi USB charger.

With a combination of USB-C, Lightning and Micro-USB heads it is a charger capable of powering up at lightning speed. A combination of recycled BPA-free plastic braided in recycled nylon means it will never, ever fray, even with intense use.

Ocean Bottle

Rock Grey (500ml)


Ocean Bottle creates award-winning reusable
bottles that help close the loop on ocean-bound plastic.

Their award-winning Ocean Bottle in Rock Grey keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot. Ice, soup, coffee, and smoothies are all good, thanks to its double lid that lets you sip, fill, pour and clean with joy.

This bottle stops 1000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean

(and is dishwasher friendly).

Great Wrap

Great Mate Starter Kit


A converstion starting home compostable cling film dispenser.

Nudie Rolls are homecompostable and break down in 180 days.

The Great Mate is designed to dispense, slice and dice their home compostable cling wrap. The starter kit includes: 1 x Great Mate 2 x Nudie Rolls — Great Mate Refills


Ink Comb


A UK based comb brand using recycled plastic. An eco-movement changing the hair industry's future.

Only 9% of plastic is recycled, causing massive environmental damage.

RE=COMB gives waste a new life, reducing landfill & ocean waste. Due to the recycling process each comb is unique.

Fellow Products

Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle


Do kettles come better looking than this? We don't think so.  

Gift this kitchen upgrade with this one compact modern design. Fully customizable brew settings, precision temperature and pouring control, and access to ongoing updates over WiFi. This is a game-changing evolution to a standard pour-over kettle.


Home Composter


Lomi offers ‘the easiest way to fight climate change and produce less waste with their minimally designed Home Composter. It is an odor free, mess free solution to keeping your food waste out of landfills. 80% of food waste can go into Lomi.

In under 24 hours, the dirt Lomi makes can go into your indoor plants, your garden, or your green bin depending on the mode you select and it overall it has a net positive environmental impact, even with the small amount of electricity used to run.


The Mister


Not only does this product just look great, but this handheld steamer, Cirrus No.2, is a sustainable and efficient alternative to both ironing and washing. Clothes will be wrinkle-free, smooth and fresh in no time. The hot steam also reduce bad smells, shallow dirt and bacteria.

Guppy Friend

Washing Bag


The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag is the first pragmatic solution that prevents microplastic fibres from entering rivers and oceans through the washing of synthetic textiles. The broken fibres collect in the corners of the washing bag after washing and can be easily removed and disposed of.

This is a great gift for those wanting to be a part of the solution.


Food & Drink

Lucky Saint

Alcohol-Free Superior Unfiltered Lager


Lucky Saint are on a mission. To change how the world thinks about alcohol-free beer, from perception, to the product, to the experience. After years of development, sourcing the finest ingredients and creating their very own yeast, they have landed on a style and flavour that is in our opinion, the very best non-alcohol beer.

A great gift for Dad if he's usually asleep by 5pm Chrisrtmas day.


Beer Gift Pack


Brewgooder have been brewing beer to empower the lives of others for over 5 years. A B Corp company founded on the belief that the beer we enjoy together can be a force for good. For every can or pint of their beer enjoyed, they are committed to ensuring that 100 times that amount will be provided in clean water on projects undertaken by their impact partner, Charity Water.

Paddy & Scott’s

Lunch Box- Compostable Nespresso® Compatible Pods

£44.99 for 125

An independent cult coffee brand based in Suffolk. Paddy & Scott have great plans to become ‘the worlds most most sustainable coffee’ brand. Their coffee pods are batch roasted to your order, 100% compostable, arrive with carbon neutral shipping and best of all the coffee is from their own farm in Kenya, cutting out middle-men and larger corporates.




Akira Ring- Silver


SO JUST SHOP are a fully transparent brand, directly working with artisans across the globe. The Akira Ring in Silver is a unisex, minimalist, plain band ring perfect for day-to-day wear. Hand crafted by female led artisans in Jaipur, India, using sustainably sourced silver.



Circulo Ring


Classic and timeless, strong and subtle designs from slow jewellery studio, Maalo. The Circulo Ring is handmade in 100% recycled 925 silver and packed on a recycled box with plantable seeded paper. Their versatile dimensions fit any finger, even pinkies.



Sums Club

All Seasons Socks


Sums is out to reflect and fuel the goodwill in running. Think speciality run socks that unlock 5p for charity with every run (tracked through their Strava Club). Not only are these charitable socks, but if you send your old pair to be recycled you receive a free pair with your next order.

We love this pair for their functionality and also the old school running club look.

Hylo Athletics

Corn Runners


Hylo Athletics are on a mission to use material science to make performance products in a better way.

Designed for use on the road, the track and in the gym, these Corn Runners are fast, lightweight and comfortable. A big upgrade from their V1 trainer, these they will make for the perfect gift for those looking to lighten step and lighten their impact on the planet.




Tailored T-shirt


Know someone who needs to stack up on their basics? The guys at L'Estrange have got the essentials down to an art. This perfect-cut tee has refined details, is made from organic cotton with 160GSM and has a soft finish – designed with a back-pleat for increased movement, a subtle curved hem and split sides.

You can't go wrong with this brand.

Humans Are Vain

Eden Sneakers


Can't rate these shoes highly enough. A very solid, great looking sneaker that goes with everything. Simple in it's design but with excellent durability and comfort. You would be making someones 2024 a whole lot comfier with these.


Trash Hoodie


Everybody.World have been slowly changing the garment game since 2016. Their philosophy since day one in 2016 has been: Workers, Ecology, Ideas. Always paying a fair wage, considerate of their environment and its vast interconnections, and valuing innovation above all.

This Hoodie is the epitome of what they do best- This hoodie is made from World-First 100% Reclaimed Waste Cotton.


Embroidered T-shirt


The guys at Pervical have owned the t-shirt game with their collection of quality sewn graphics embroidered in London. One of our current favoruites? The frog playing next to the mushroom of course.

What song is he playing? Is the earth round? What is maths? Questions are all around us.

Petit Pli

Clothes That Grow - Print Ripstop Bottoms


One of the most innovative brands out there.

Petit Pli make clothes that grow with your child. They address the wasteful nature of fashion (and make clothes for adults too).


One Essentials

Essential Mens Boxer Brief


One essentials are a premium essentials brand designed for everyday comfort. Their mission is to change the system, from the bottom up.

Their classic fit stretch organic cotton boxer brief is made from a super-soft blend of premium recycled, organic cotton and biodegradable elastane.

With a take back scheme and their a circular model, these are underwear done right.



Contradictions of Ilk

Fragrance Discovery Set


Let's be honest, picking a fragrance for someone isn't easy. That's why we recommend this discovery set from the guys at Contradicitions of Ilk.

Contradictions In ILK is a unisex niche fragrance house on a mission to give you the ultimate means of self-expression. All their perfumes are PETA certified cruelty free and they limit their impact on the environment by manufacturing and producing within 80 miles here in the UK.



Black Braided Elastic Belt


A vegan accessory with all the right details. A timeless yet effortless way to pull together any outfit, this is a casual take on its braided leather brother. Handcrafted in Florence, Italy, from soft and durable Italian elastic and embellished with bio-leather trims.

Wawwa Clothing

Cotton Fisher Beanie


Use the organ inside of your head to make a sensible decision for someone elses head, by treating them to one of Wawa Clothings lovely Recycled Yarn Beanies.


Corduroy Core Logo hat


Noah are all about sustainability and ethics. You won't find a brand more open and transparent. Fellow members of 1% for the Planet, they make their clothes in countries, mills and factories where tradition, expertise and human dignity take precedence over the bottom line.

This cap is made in USA from 100% cotton, with snapback closure. A great gift from a great company.

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