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Our Commitment

Since the beginning, we have been committed to reducing our impact, and finding innovative new ways to be a more sustainable business. From the day to day operations, through to design, manufacture and end of our product lifecycle, it is important for us to understand, measure and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

To help us in achieving our goal, we are proud to announce we have committed to become Climate Neutral Certified in 2021. 

What is Climate Neutral?

Climate Neutral is an independent non-profit organisation that helps companies measure their carbon footprint, offset it in its entirety by purchasing quality carbon credits, and reduce emissions moving forward.

The processes and day to day running of a business is complex, and it can be difficult to fully understand the effects we are having on the planet. Through using the tools available with Climate Neutral we are able to better understand the the areas of our business that have the most carbon impact. We are then able to address these areas, set goals and through their verified carbon credits, help reduce our emissions and fund innovative climate change solutions.

What are Carbon Credits?

Carbon credits are a way of offsetting a business’s carbon footprint by way of supporting environmental projects that are dedicated to extracting carbon from the atmosphere. Purchasing one credit will offset one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions through projects including reforestation, renewable energy, and transportation. Every project is verified by the following bodies: 

Verified Carbon Standard

American Carbon Registry

Gold Standard

Clean Development Mechanism

Climate Action Reserve

Stay tuned!

Once we’ve completed our certification this spring, you’ll start seeing the Climate Neutral Certified label on our packaging/website/products. This label will help conscious consumers like you support brands that are taking serious action on climate change.

Becoming Climate Neutral Certified is just a single step in a long sustainability journey, but it’s a step in the right direction. Learn more about this commitment and how it’s helping tackle climate change in the link below.

We’re eager to start this journey and can’t wait to update you along the way!