Introducing HIVED

Introducing HIVED

We are excited to announce that we are now working with HIVED - a London based emission-free delivery service. 


This means that all our London based customers will now get FREE Next-Day delivery, as standard, delivered to your door by one of the Hived cyclists. 

It's an exciting first step in making all of our UK deliveries emission-free (something we hope to achieve by the end of 2022)

In the wake of Covid-19,  e-commerce has boomed, and existing delivery methods have struggled to cope with the explosion in parcel volume. Furthermore many of these parcels will be delivered by fossil-fuel powered vans - they pollute the air we breathe, emit large amounts of CO2 and congest our cities. Better solutions are required, and HIVED have been on a mission to deliver on just that. 

When we first met the team back in early September, you could tell these guys were serious about making a difference. They have reinvented the whole process of getting a parcel from the warehouse to the front door from the ground-up. A scalable, more affordable, better all around and 100% emission free.

And are they really 100% emission-free you ask? The answer is yes! As they only use bikes, cargo-bikes and electric vans (powered by only renewable electricity) and so therefore don't need to offset any carbon emissions.

So if you've recently ordered your Oliver Co. product and you're based in London, be sure to say hi to one of our pedal powering HIVED friends and give them a thanks for making the world a greener place. 

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