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Wood Leather

When we first came across the wood leather fabric we thought it was too good to be true. A fabric made with natural materials, that acted like leather, looked beautiful, was incredibly soft and durable? Much to our scepticism, on receiving the samples, we were taken back by the potential of this incredibly innovative fabric.

What is Wood Leather?

Wood Leather is a low impact, vegan leather alternative made from real wood.

It has the flexibility of fabric, excellent durability and a truly unique texture.

How is Wood Leather made?

Wood Leather is made using thin sheets of real wood that are cut with micro laser etchings, which allow the product to be sewn transformed and assembled like leather. If desired, the material can be covered with a protective layer of varnish.

Products with Character

The characteristic grain of the wood makes each product unique and due its nature, is a robust long lasting fabric. Having carried out tests, the company claim that it reduces the kg CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by up to 60% compared to a square metre of leather.

Further FAQs

Where is Wood Leather made?

Wood Leather is produced in Karlsruhe, Germany,

Is Wood Leather waterproof?

Wood Leather is water resistant, however it is advised to wipe away any moisture immediately. Never submerge wood leather in water.

Is Wood Leather biodegradable?

Wood Leather isn't biodegradable due to the use of glues required to adhere to backing material.

What certifications does Wood Leather have?

Wood leather has the V-Label which identifies the product as Vegan.